Can I repost your work?

No, don't do that, even if you credit me.

Can I use your music in my video/project/thing?

You can use my music in your videos/streams, so long as it is not a direct reupload and you credit me where you can.

For any other project, please contact me at

Can I use your animations in my video/project/thing?

Generally, I am not comfortable with this. Please reach out to me at if you'd like to use my animation in your work.

Can I use your art as my profile picture / banner?

Sure! Just properly credit me in your bio or something :)

Are you taking commissions?

At the moment, I am not open to taking personal commissions.

How do you make your stuff?

If you're interested, I stream my workflow over at my Twitch. Here's a run-down:

I primarily work with:

    • Blender
      Davinci Resolve
      Ableton Live
  • Most of these are free programs, other than Ableton Live. Though, for making music, really any DAW works just fine.

    Everything that I've made is a learning process. I am not an expert (I do not know what I'm doing). I just keep making things and keep learning.

    I sent you a message and you didn't respond!

    I won't be able to respond to every message. If you need to contact me, please email me at and I'll get back to you if I can. Please don't flood my inbox if you do not have to!

    If you're just looking to say hi or something, you can comment on my Patreon and I should respond!

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