Who am I?

Hello, my name is Justin. I am a self-taught artist that makes weird and silly animations and music. I love to explore things that are surreal and dreamlike.

I love to learn and explore new areas and perspectives. My hobbies currently include music, art, and coding.

I started my YouTube channel to share my art and music and to hopefully inspire those that come across it.

You can find me on Twitter , or email me at justanoval@gmail.com if you're interested in contacting me.

What do you do?

I make art, music, and animations. I am exploring new avenues such digital painting, photo-bashing, photo-editing, pixel art, and drawing.

I hope to one day create videogames and tell stories.

Why do you do it?

To inspire. I think that creative expression is a very important pillar in life, no matter how you do it. And to be able to help someone enter that avenue, or go further down it, is everything I want.

To learn. My entire channel is a playground. I experiment with something new, and then post the result. It's a very fun learning process, and helps others along the way.

To be silly. Not all of my stuff is happy silly stupid stuff, and that's okay. Not everything has to be, of course.

But I think that having something silly in your life just gives a little bit more joy that could have been there when it wasn't. Be yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Contact - justanoval@gmail.com

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